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One of the best Chatbot Software for website. We provide a free version of Chat Bot Software that can be easily integrated to your Website. Chatbot Free version is easy to Download, it has latest automated Chat features that Support Chatbot For Ecommerce, Booking and other kinds of websites. Integrate Chat Widget For your Website, we also have different Pricing Plan for Chat Support Services, This Ai Chatbot supports Customer Service Chatbot For Websites

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how it’s work

interact with XLChatbot

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Input Processing

The chatbot receives user's message or query and uses nLP.

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Holistic perception

This may involve analyzing previous conversations with the user.

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Generate Response

response may also include additional prompts to clarify use needs.

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Output Delivery

This may involve displaying text on a screen, generating audio output.

About Us

Discover Our AI Chatbot Assistant - XLChatbot

There are different business sectors where chatbot may replace or extend traditional customer support chat system

Our mission is to provide exceptional chatbot and it’s services so, that it helps to interact visitor and mimic support team as more as possible.

Download the Chained Chatbot Source Code that will serve as Chat Bot Software For your Website, it’s Free version is available to Download.

This Chatbot is helpful For Ecommerce,  Customer Support, Booking system etc. Chat Widget can be integrated to a Website in few steps, please contact us for enhanced Chat Support Services, This Ai Chatbot helps in Customer Service, Customer Service Chatbot For Websites etc.

  • Personalized interactions
  • Automated service
  • Scalable support
  • Instant responses
What We Do

How Does XLChatbot Work

Create Chatbot

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Integrate apps

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Our Core Features

High Resolution

capable of producing an image characterized by fine detail.

Machine Learning

It can be used to generate new features from data.


Authentication enables accountability by making it.

Mobile Marketing

Availability of quick services any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chatbot?
Chatbots are truly the future of customer engagement, Chatbot software has revolutionized with AI
How does the platform work?
Just download the script and integrate to your website in few steps, that’s it
What is the difference between the Basic and Premium Plan?
Basic plan come free with use As it is feature. Premium Plan can be modified as per your business need,

Pricing Plans and options

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Free Plan

0$/ Per Month

  • 1 chatbot
  • 1000 Monthly message
  • 250 subscribers
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Premium Plan

49$/ Per Month

  • 50 chatbot
  • Unlimited Monthly message
  • 550 subscribers
  • Initial Setup Support Services
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Enhance User Engagement with XLChatBot

Enhance your online presence and customer service with XLChatBot, the ultimate chatbot platform for websites. Tailored to meet the needs of modern businesses, our platform offers an exceptional blend of efficiency and automation, allowing you to engage visitors effectively and effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Round-the-Clock Interaction: Ensure your business is always accessible.
  • Versatile Functions: handle queries, automate bookings, and provide instant responses with ease.
  • Simple Integration: Easily add our latest chatbot for websites online to your existing website infrastructure.
  • Cost Efficiency: Opt for our chatbot for the website and reduce operational costs while enhancing service quality.

Elevate Your Business Approach

You enhance not just user engagement but also gain valuable insights from interactions, helping refine your offerings and improve customer satisfaction.

Incorporating XLChatBot into your website is an investment in future-proofing your customer interactions. Enhance your digital footprint and ensure every visitor receives a personalized and responsive experience. Join the leading businesses enhancing their online strategies with our sophisticated solutions today.


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